Dear Opportunity President Peter Kagwa…

Congratulations on your installation as President of our mighty Rotary Club of Kampala Munyonyo But as you are aware, to whom more is given more is expected. This year’s theme – Rotary Opens Opportunities, the opportunity is exciting because of the endless possibilities that it evokes. But it is also daunting because of the high expectations.

As an Opportunity President, our members will be looking up to you for innovative ways of: growing and enhancing membership engagement; increasing the club’s giving to the Foundation; mobilizing resources to undertake bigger and impactful projects; increasing the club’s visibility etc.

You have a sizeable task ahead of you. And because of this, your leadership will continuously be put to the test. How you navigate and succeed will depend on many things: your individual skills, your passion, your creativity and perseverance. But ultimately, achieving this year’s goals will depend on your ability to engage, enthuse and inspire your club members into action.

Only together as a team, will you achieve success and create lasting change. As Albert Einstein said: In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity, I would like to welcome you in style as our president and I wish you a rewarding year of service. I also look forward to serving with you as we strive to be the opportunity leaders.

Rotarian Gabriel Mugaruka M.
Charter Member RC Kampala Munyonyo

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