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For more than 110 years, Rotary has bridged cultures and connected continents to champion peace, fight illiteracy and poverty, promote clean water and sanitation, and fight disease.

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Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.

2022/23 Theme:  Imagine Rotary

President's Message


Dear Rotarians, Rotaractors and friends of Rotary. It is always very exciting to enter a new Rotary year, because this is the time when we witness a voluntary and smooth handing over authority from one hand to another. Rotary has this unprecedented principle which makes unique in all the systems we have ever seen, and it will remain so,as long as Rotary exists.

So it was like this ,on Friday the 8th of July 2022 at 8pm, when my predecessor IPP JAMES KUSEMERERWA, passed over the mantle of leadership, to steer the Rotary Club of Kampala Munyonyo, through the Rotary year 2022/2023.

I received this with a lot of humility and I want to thank him so much for the wonderful and wise leadership he exhibited during his term of office.

Friends, we are entering this new Rotary year with alot of hope.

….and eagerness. We are planning to continue working together as a team. We are looking forward to ensure that Club Projects still ongoing are not halted and those in pipeline are triggered off.
We shall strive to increase quality membership, engage our members as much as possible and ensure high degree of retention. We shall collaborate with our neighbouring Clubs along Gaba road Corridor, to establish a harmonious working relationship which will help us to create an impact on the Communities we are serving.

Finally, it gives me alot of pleasure to imagine that the members of the Rotary Club of Kampala Munyonyo are hard working, determined to serve Society and many are willing to sacrifice their resources to improve the lives of our vulnerable Communities. Basing on that, I have no doubt my leadership will create a positive impact on Society and I look forward to having a meaningful year of service.
Rtn Cyprian Male
Visionary President

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